About Pack and Troop 251

     With humble beginnings, Troop 251 was formed in 1996 after the folding of its predecessor, Troop 68 of Hammonton.  Meetings were initially held at Winslow Fire Company No. 1.  The troop awarded its first Eagle Scout honor in 1999 to Ken Seiler. 

     In the early 2000’s, the troop moved its meeting location to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Route 73, where it remained for several years.  During this time, the troop’s second Scoutmaster, Craig Lindsay, oversaw the awarding of several Eagle Scout honors. 

     In 2005, Jim Latimer became the troop’s third and current Scoutmaster, and is the longest serving Scoutmaster in the troop’s history.  To date, Mr. Latimer has overseen the awarding of 20 Eagle Scout honors.  In 2007, the troop relocated to the Winslow Township Annex Building on Tansboro Road, where they remained for 7 years. 

     In the Fall of 2014, the troop once again relocated to its current home at Winslow Fire Company No. 1, where we meet every Thursday night during the regular school year.  No longer an active fire station, Winslow Fire Company No. 1 now serves as the home base for both Scouts BSA Troop 251 and Cub Scout Pack 251.  In December 2016, the Troop celebrated its 20th anniversary as Troop 251 in Winslow Township.  

​    In 2019, Troop 251 expanded its Scouting outreach by establishing Cub Scout Pack 251.  The goal was to continue to build on the mission of the Troop by offering it to a younger audience.  

    Today, Pack and Troop 251 are thriving and remain dedicated to serving the youth and community of Winslow, while abiding by the ideals and fundamentals of the Scouting movement.

A Word on Bullying

Here is our official stance on bullying and fighting.

Our stance is simple.  It’s found right in the Scout Law:

A Scout is:

While this should be (and truly is) enough, we have more.  Here is the 251 mission statement, which can also be found on our homepage or on the wall at Scout Hall.

            “Our mission is to build strong and productive youth with the Scouting program, while furthering leadership and responsibility in a safe and fun environment.  Troop 251 has a longstanding reputation for its welcoming atmosphere and Scouting centered focus that make our unit not just a troop, but a family…”

Troop 251 has been around for over 20 years and I’ve personally talked to a lot of Troops, both adult leaders and youth.  We are very unique in that we hardly ever have serious conflict or disagreements that lead to hurt feelings, exclusion, or verbal and/or physical conflict and fighting.  It’s something that I pride myself in maintaining, as it should not be unique to this Troop, but should exist everywhere, as it is clearly found in Scouting’s ideals.

Furthermore, in regards to these types of incidents and fighting, whether it’s verbal, physical, or otherwise, Pack and Troop 251 have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.  Any form of it will be met with swift consequences, which may include being sent home from an activity.

Help us keep Pack and Troop 251 the places that have been and always will be where anyone and everyone belongs.

David Latimer
Cubmaster, Pack 251
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 251